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Red smudge sage, Mountain Sage combined with Dragon’s Blood resin to create this wonderful smudge stick.

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White Sage Bundles with Dragon's Blood Resin, Wildcrafted Smoke cleansing is traditionally used to purify the home, office, and healing rooms to eliminate negative energy. This sage bundle is 100% natural aromatic and Wildcrafted White Sage. Our Sage Bundles come from ethical Wildcrafters and are gathered in a responsible, environmentally sustainable, and respectful way. The Dragon's Blood is a resin of power and protection, as well as luck, love, purification and courage, and is added to the sage bundles to help increase their potency and power. The Dragon's Blood helps give it that extra boost of protection and cleansing, making it a very unique bundle. The Dragon's Blood resin is also sustainably harvested. The resin is ground into fine powder, mixed with water, and then the bundle is dipped into the resin and dried. Size: 4-4.5" L x 1.5" W. Please note that size is approximate and may vary